Lisbon & Casais, Portugal

This is the only trip where I had to come home early. It was late Wednesday night (3/11/2020), and President Trump announced that I have until Friday to get back to the United States. Truly a moment that changed the world…

*can’t believe it took only three years to post this – but it’s important. The only journey ever where I didn’t finish. It’s on the bucket list to go back.

PORTUGAL_20200309_MPeterson-7 PORTUGAL_20200309_MPeterson-11 PORTUGAL_20200309_MPeterson-1PORTUGAL_20200309_MPeterson-10 PORTUGAL_20200309_MPeterson-13 PORTUGAL_20200309_MPeterson-19 PORTUGAL_20200309_MPeterson-46 PORTUGAL_20200309_MPeterson-31PORTUGAL_20200309_MPeterson-30 PORTUGAL_20200309_MPeterson-32
PORTUGAL_20200309_MPeterson-54 PORTUGAL_20200309_MPeterson-67PORTUGAL_20200309_MPeterson-59 PORTUGAL_20200309_MPeterson-76 PORTUGAL_20200309_MPeterson-89 PORTUGAL_20200309_MPeterson-84 PORTUGAL_20200309_MPeterson-85 PORTUGAL_20200309_MPeterson-99Portugal_20200310_MPeterson0005 Portugal_20200310_MPeterson0003 Portugal_20200310_MPeterson0006 Portugal_20200310_MPeterson0012 Portugal_20200310_MPeterson0014 Portugal_20200310_MPeterson0023 Portugal_20200310_MPeterson0039
Portugal_20200310_MPeterson0051 Portugal_20200310_MPeterson0054
Portugal_20200310_MPeterson0060 Portugal_20200310_MPeterson0073
Portugal_20200310_MPeterson0081 Portugal_20200310_MPeterson0091
Portugal_20200310_MPeterson0095People change as they travel in faith,

not by standing still waiting to understand everything.


MAUI – Mama’s Fish House

When in Maui, Mama’s Fish House is top on my list. Food is so delicious and the place is a piece of heaven on earth. To say that I feel like the luckiest person is an understatement. I got to eat here without a reservation. If you know, you know. ;)

MAUI_20221204_MPeterson-5 MAUI_20221204_MPeterson-14 MAUI_20221204_MPeterson-39MAUI_20221204_MPeterson-29 MAUI_20221204_MPeterson-42 MAUI_20221204_MPeterson-30

“If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment.”


Road to Hana, MAUI

Road to Hana >> 620 curves and turns, 54 single lane bridges, best banana bread, huli-huli chicken, black sand beach, swimming in a waterfall, and coconut ice cream.

Trip of a lifetime. Worth it.

_L7A2448_L7A2447 _L7A2449 _L7A2453 _L7A2459 _L7A2479_L7A2531 _L7A2485-2 _L7A2491 _L7A2517_L7A2504 _L7A2506 _L7A2525 _L7A2550 _L7A2571_L7A2562 _L7A2582 _L7A2623

Stop saying you’ll do things someday. Do it now when you still have life in you.


Sandy River , Oregon

I visited a friend who lives along the banks of the Sandy River. It was honestly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

Portland_20221013_MPeterson-60Portland_20221013_MPeterson-67Portland_20221013_MPeterson-72Portland_20221013_MPeterson-59 Portland_20221013_MPeterson-69

“If I discover within myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.”