Paris, France

I ended my trip in France with spending the day in Paris. I learned the public transportation and got myself to the Eiffel Tower and later to the Notre Dame Cathedral…which is now closed and under construction. But while I was near the Eiffel Tower, I made a game at taking photos of the couples who were getting married that day. :) I didn’t expect to see this at all, but couples were all over the place that I couldn’t help myself since I had my equipment on me. I was being discreet taking these pictures and giggled the whole time. I find being a photographer for these couples in such a public place super stressful so maybe that’s why I was so happy because it wasn’t me! Lol  So now I can brag and say that I photographed six wedding couples in one day!!! :)  After all, Paris is the city of love!
Thank you, France…you are so magical and I’ll be back!

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What distinguishes a great artist from a weak one is first their sensibility and tenderness; second, their imagination, and third, their industry.
- Salman Rushdie -



Sometimes I’m in an uncomfortable place where I feel like I’m on an assignment but I don’t have all the details before me. When it comes to photography, there are a few situations where I feel like I’m “not done” or unable to put up a proper blog and questioning whether I’m just slacking or there’s more to the story…or there’s a deeper truth I’m supposed to wait for. This is the case with Christina and Kyle. I never felt settled about putting up a blog of their wedding 9 months ago in Austin, TX…but now I realized that the more precious story is this trip they made all the way to Panama to have an intimate wedding celebration where Abuelo/Grandpa Ramiro can join them. Sharing the traditional Panamanian wedding cake (Sopa Borracha) was something special to Grandpa’s heart and now they got to share that moment with him. This might be very ordinary to most people, but I feel so blessed and privileged that I was able to be the documentarian in this life-giving celebration and it makes my heart so full knowing that God appointed this special place and time for me. These are the things that make me feel alive and I am beyond thankful for the gift of photography. So being an artist is becoming less and less about the camera and  cranking out beautiful images and having people’s approval…but more about being fully present, truly engaging with people that I admire and love, and learning something. And in between those sacred things, I take some photos and hopefully tell the most sincere and beautiful story I know how.
P.S. And if you are reading this blog, how amazing is it that the wedding celebration for Christina+Kyle happened on Grandpa’s farm and the million dollar view is that of a lake that feeds into the Panama Canal which is known as the Bridge of the World and Center of the Universe?! The incredible things you learn when you travel. I love it!

Panama_20190526_MPeterson0007 20190612_untitled_0001-4 Panama_20190526_MPeterson000820190612_untitled_0003-2 20190612_untitled_0002-2 20190612_untitled_0004Panama_20190526_MPeterson0004 Panama_20190526_MPeterson000620190612_untitled_0001-3 20190525_MPeterson_0003 20190525_MP_0006Panama_20190525_MPeterson009420190612_untitled_0002Panama_20190525_MPeterson0104 Panama_20190525_MPeterson0064 Panama_20190525_MPeterson0085 Panama_20190525_MPeterson0073 Panama_20190525_MPeterson0074 Panama_20190525_MPeterson0071 Panama_20190525_MPeterson0044 Panama_20190525_MPeterson0040Panama_20190525_MPeterson0041 Panama_20190525_MPeterson0042 Panama_20190525_MPeterson0046 Panama_20190525_MPeterson0068Panama_20190525_MPeterson0028Panama_20190525_MPeterson0153 Panama_20190525_MPeterson0130Panama_20190525_MPeterson011520190612_untitled_0001 Panama_20190525_MPeterson0058Panama_20190525_MPeterson0107 Panama_20190525_MPeterson002420190612_untitled_0001-5Panama_20190525_MPeterson0321 20190612_untitled_0001-7 20190612_untitled_0002-3 Panama_20190525_MPeterson0360 20190612_untitled_0001-10Panama_20190525_MPeterson0357Panama_20190525_MPeterson0355Panama_20190525_MPeterson018820190612_untitled_0001-820190612_untitled_0001-9Panama_20190525_MPeterson0232Panama_20190525_MPeterson0231Panama_20190525_MPeterson0214 Panama_20190525_MPeterson0224 Panama_20190525_MPeterson0222

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched…they must be felt with the heart.”


Maui, Hawaii

When you love your wedding dress SO MUCH that you take it on your honeymoon!!! :)
Christina’s dress was made and designed by Made with Love Bridal. They are an Austrian based company and work with clients worldwide. I’m obsessed with how comfortable this dress is for Christina and it fits her like a glove. And she literally rolled it up in a suitcase and look at how great it looks on her! Just amazing. I love this girl so much.


“In my sky at twilight,
you are like a cloud
and your form
and color
are the way
I love them.”
~ Pablo Neruda ~


Benita + Andrew {Wedding}

On July 1st, 2017, Benita and Andrew got married in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I have to share that it’s been a delightful process getting to know them. When Benita and Andrew interviewed me earlier this year, I thought they were super sweet. After hiring me, I was super glad they took me up on the engagement shoot because I got to hear more of their beautiful God-inpired love story. Then the wedding came and I pretty much learned at a very fast pace what they are about by meeting the core people in their lives. I’ve been to many weddings, but this one was different on many levels. My hands were really busy because of the various components of a big wedding day, the wedding party was the biggest I’ve ever had…but when the WORSHIP MUSIC came on, I KNEW I was hand-picked for the job! :) These two met at worship school so I don’t know why I was surprised that the worship music at their wedding was gonna be OUT OF THIS WORLD! I can go on and on, but I’m just so honored that I got to be the wedding photographer at this very special wedding. Benita and Andrew, you two were made in heaven for each other and your marriage will be an example of God’s love for so many people…not just in America but all over the world! You have blessed me in numerous ways and my heart will always be tender every time I think about you. xo

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20170701_untitled_0010-220170701_untitled_0002-320170811_untitled_0001-720170701_untitled_0069-2 20170811_untitled_0003-220170811_untitled_0001-520170701_untitled_0109-2 20170811_untitled_0001-8 LeifkerWedding_20170701_MPeterson-496

I will end with this photo of the bridge because this was one of the locations Andrew used the day he asked Benita to marry him. It was an elaborate proposal but Benita is not an ordinary girl! So honored God allowed me to be the documentarian of this beautiful love story.