Katie Bartelt {Maternity}

I met Katie at one of my Chicago weddings; she was the videographer and we became friends!  Glad our paths crossed and now we’re sharing life together. Katie loves all things Western so I naturally took her to the Danada Equestrian Center.  For the last part of their photo shoot they brought hats and wore the same outfits from their engagement session. Congratulations to Mike and Katie!  You guys are adorable!

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“You are the rose of my heart.  You are the love of my life.” ~ Johnny Cash


Ellen Marlow {Headshots}

This is Ellen’s fourth time being on the other side of my camera.  She is a wonderful subject and makes my job fun and easy.  There is something about a repeat client that makes each session better than the last one.  I feel like we got more diversity out of her photos this year. :)

Ellen is making a big move to New York in the next couple of months and I will be very interested in following her career.  Very proud of her and grateful she is a client and friend.

EllenMarlow_03052014_MPeterson-147 EllenMarlow_03052014_MPeterson-175EllenMarlow_03052014_MPeterson-167EllenMarlow_03052014_MPeterson-166 EllenMarlow_03052014_MPeterson-251 EllenMarlow_03052014_MPeterson-111EllenMarlow_03052014_MPeterson-196 EllenMarlow_03052014_MPeterson-192 EllenMarlow_03052014_MPeterson-201EllenMarlow_03052014_MPeterson-265EllenMarlow_03052014_MPeterson-246EllenMarlow_03052014_MPeterson-267

IMDB:  Ellen Marlow