Andrew Saunders

Andrew Saunders is a Los Angeles actor and he is repped by Rage Models & Talent! 20160429_MP_010020160420_MP_0169

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“For the true artist, there is no trivial thing.” ~ Marty Rubin


Central Church {Henderson, NV}

Church was fun today at Central Church in Henderson, NV! I love being able to say that church was FUN and impactful! Pastor Jud Wilhite delivered a great message about stepping out in faith from Joshua, chapter 3, and then he ended with an invitation for people to get baptized if they’ve never done it before. It was great seeing so many get up from their seats to get wet and to be forever identified with Jesus!  And worship was awesome as usual: seeing my girl, Chloe, sing and worship is everything to me!

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To view the whole amazing service, GO HERE >>>


Zamparo Family

Spring in Chicago is a beautiful thing. And the Daffodil Glade at The Arboretum in Lisle is a gem for the spirit and photography. So glad the Zamparo came out to see me. The twins have my heart and being able to document them growing up is quite an amazing honor for me!

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“Together is our favorite place to be.”


Lexie {6 Months}

Beautiful Lexie has the most precious little personality. Happy six-months, baby! I love how babies sit so pretty for the camera at this age.

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In the last photo, Lexie is wearing the same outfit as her older two sisters when they wore it too at six-months of age…so this green outfit is about 7/8 years old! Such a great thing for their mom to have all three girls wearing the same dress and the same pose. :)