Editorial Shoot :: Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam :: Part 2 of 2

I’m so happy that I got to work with this Beau-ti-ful young woman, Nguyen, wearing this exquisite Vietnamese dress designed and made by Tham at the Little Cafe Shop in Ho Chi Minh City!  I had in my heart open to whatever comes at me on my trip, but had no idea that God would gift me with such a wonderful project!  The whole thing happened at the very last minute with one model, two stylists, and two other photographers shooting with me.  We stopped traffic a little bit but that was part of the fun and adventure. :)  Thank you to all my new friends in Vietnam…you guys made my FIRST trip back after 38 years completely surreal and extra special!




Editorial Shoot :: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam :: Part 1 of 2

Had to pinch myself that I was in Vietnam doing CREATIVE work! :)  Thank you to Tham at Little House Cafe Shop, Chi, Kanh, Phuong, and last but not least, Nguyen.  I count it a BLESSING to have met such a talented group of young people!  You all were marvelous and  a complete JOY to work with!  Thank you for the beautiful memories…



Birthday of Baby Selah

I’m very happy and humbled to share these photos.  I was invited by Matt and Valerie to document Selah’s birth, and because of my background of doing doula work for five years, I was up for the task.  Giving birth is hard work and it’s the only time in your life that you have no control over your body.  I was in awe of how hard Valerie worked and how helpful and compassionate Matt was toward her.  It was emotional at times for me and I had to keep my emotions in check.  Valerie wanted a natural birth and did a lot of research.  And even with all the preparations, it was a fight the whole way for her to get what she wanted.  I do believe it was a learning experience more than anything, and I’m confident that Matt and Valerie might do their birth a little different next time.

And because I’m not much of a writer and I would like for my images to tell a story more than anything else, I invite you to peruse through these photos.  My prayer is that Selah will look back on these images and will know that her parents loved each other deeply and they worked incredibly hard at bringing her into the world.  God gets ALL the glory!