The Morton Arboretum {Winter}

We had snow, sleet, and rain last night in Chicago. The sun came out this morning and we  had the most gorgeous scenery at The Morton Arboretum. We basically had an ice show and it’s impossible to document the true beauty on camera. There are things in life that you’d have to experience to deeply understand. :)

MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0017 MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0020 MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0030 MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0043MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0068 MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0054MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0036 MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0052 MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0081MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0057MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0045 MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0082 MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0072 MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0076MortonArboretum_20190213_MPeterson0080

“May You find me GRATEFUL, God, wherever I set my feet.”


Chloe + Christian {Engaged}

Hands down some of my favorite people on the planet to photograph! If only if they would give me more than 10 minutes every time we take pictures tho. :))) This is my youngest daughter, Chloe, and her future husband, Christian Sagum. Just a super short engagement session because it was cold, windy, and light was dropping quickly on this 28th day of December. But they obviously kept each other warm and the whole thing was very sweet. These two are having a super quick engagement and the wedding is just around the corner!

20170122_untitled_0001-3ChloeAndChristian_20161228_MPeterson-1-3ChloeAndChristian_20161228_MPeterson-14ChloeAndChristian_20161228_MPeterson-17 20170122_untitled_0001ChloeAndChristian_20161228_MPeterson-2520170122_untitled_0002 ChloeAndChristian_20161228_MPeterson-32ChloeAndChristian_20161228_MPeterson-48“I didn’t fall in love with you because I was lonely or lost. I fell in love with you because when I saw you for the first time, it was the only time that I have ever wanted to make someone a permanent part of my life, my world.” ~ David Doyle
#SayYesToSaygum #Clotion


Ashlee + Lou {Wedding}

2016 will be etched in my memory as the year where God blessed me with the most amazing clients…and Lou & Ashlee are among them! From our very first meeting, to this very day, they have been the sweetest, most patient, humble, and appreciative human beings! I am beyond blessed to be chosen as their wedding photographer! Lou and Ashlee…here is your story I’ve been working on!  I hope going through these photos will always bring back the most honest and joyful feelings from your wedding day! You two are perfectly matched from heaven and I hope you know how thankful I am that you are in my life…first as clients…and now as loyal friends. Enjoy! xoxo

Venue: Riverside Golf Club (18th Hole), Riverside, IL

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Why would you want to marry me for, anyhow?
So I can kiss you anytime I want.


Reese Family {Maternity}

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of being hired by the Reese Family for their first maternity shoot and newborn photos of their baby girl; I was even wearing two hats as their doula and birth photographer too! Lots going on in a short amount of time! And now we are on the brink of another delivery and the family is multiplying beautifully. I am so excited for them and meeting the new family member! I am so in love with my job and my clients.

20160605_MP_0131 20160605_MP_0136 20160605_MP_012920160616_MP_0100 20160605_MP_0155 20160605_MP_0164 20160605_MP_0170 20160605_MP_0172 20160605_MP_0181 20160605_MP_018220160605_MP_020520160605_MP_0224 20160605_MP_0226 20160605_MP_023320160616_MP_0100-2 20160605_MP_0393 20160605_MP_0396 20160605_MP_0400 20160605_MP_0408 20160605_MP_0408-220160605_MP_0163-2 20160605_MP_0111-2 20160605_MP_0109-2 20160605_MP_0136-2 20160605_MP_0145-2 20160605_MP_0148-220160605_MP_0184-2 20160605_MP_0187-2 20160605_MP_0221-220160605_MP_0215-2 20160605_MP_0195-2

Intense love does not measure, it just gives. ~ Mother Teresa