Mary Clark {Maternity}

Mary and David are expecting their first baby! What makes this maternity session extra special is that I was also the photographer at their wedding six years ago. Since then, they’ve become dear friends and I’m thankful they are in my life! And this maternity shoot is near and dear to my heart because I’m a Chicago-based photographer, and yet, I got to do the whole session on the ocean…at a beach I’ve never been to before! And because of the trust I have with Mary, these words rolled out of my mouth, “Bring your bikini!” and to my surprise, she replied, “It’s already in the car!” LOVE these guys to pieces and these incredible images will remain in my heart and soul FORVER!

20171023_untitled_0002 ClarkMaternity_20170901_MPeterson-320171023_untitled_0001 ClarkMaternity_20170901_MPeterson-1720171023_untitled_0001-2 20171023_untitled_0001-3 ClarkMaternity_20170901_MPeterson-47 ClarkMaternity_20170901_MPeterson-3020171023_untitled_0002-2ClarkMaternity_20170901_MPeterson-6520171023_untitled_0001-4ClarkMaternity_20170901_MPeterson-74

Until one becomes a mother, no one can ever tell you what it will feel like to love someone else so deeply and profoundly that you will rejoice when they rejoice, ache when they ache, feel what they feel…even without ever speaking a word. ~ Jennifer Quinn


TWOREK {Family}

I enjoy maternity sessions so much because of the mystery and wonder of it all; it is truly a miracle from God. As the sun was setting, it was so magical being with Kim and Ken. I cannot wait to see them again and meet their little bebe next month! :)

20170624_untitled_010820170714_untitled_0002 20170714_untitled_0001-2 20170624_untitled_008820170714_untitled_0001-3 20170624_untitled_010020170624_untitled_0060 20170624_untitled_0044“Since love grows within you, so beauty grows.” ~ ¬†Augustine of Hippo



Mortensen {Maternity}

I am so excited for the Mortensen family! They are moments away from going from a family of three to family of four! I can’t imagine anything more JOYful.

Mortensen_20161106_MPeterson-1020161118_untitled_0005 Mortensen_20161106_MPeterson-22016-11-19_0001 20161118_untitled_0004 Mortensen_20161106_MPeterson-21 Mortensen_20161106_MPeterson-26 20161118_untitled_0003Mortensen_20161106_MPeterson-55Mortensen_20161106_MPeterson-6520161118_untitled_0001-420161118_untitled_0002 20161118_untitled_0001Mortensen_20161106_MPeterson-88

“There is such a special sweetness in being ale to participate in creation.” ~ Pamela S. Nadav


Reese Family {Maternity}

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of being hired by the Reese Family for their first maternity shoot and newborn photos of their baby girl; I was even wearing two hats as their doula and birth photographer too! Lots going on in a short amount of time! And now we are on the brink of another delivery and the family is multiplying beautifully. I am so excited for them and meeting the new family member! I am so in love with my job and my clients.

20160605_MP_0131 20160605_MP_0136 20160605_MP_012920160616_MP_0100 20160605_MP_0155 20160605_MP_0164 20160605_MP_0170 20160605_MP_0172 20160605_MP_0181 20160605_MP_018220160605_MP_020520160605_MP_0224 20160605_MP_0226 20160605_MP_023320160616_MP_0100-2 20160605_MP_0393 20160605_MP_0396 20160605_MP_0400 20160605_MP_0408 20160605_MP_0408-220160605_MP_0163-2 20160605_MP_0111-2 20160605_MP_0109-2 20160605_MP_0136-2 20160605_MP_0145-2 20160605_MP_0148-220160605_MP_0184-2 20160605_MP_0187-2 20160605_MP_0221-220160605_MP_0215-2 20160605_MP_0195-2

Intense love does not measure, it just gives. ~ Mother Teresa



Katie Bartelt {Maternity}

I first met Katie when I did maternity and newborn photos for her first baby, and now I have the privilege of documenting life with her second baby who is coming into the world in just a few short weeks. Life is truly precious and I can’t think of anything more fun than being in the middle of it all. GRATEFUL for my work and my incredible clients!

20170125_untitled_0001 20170125_untitled_0002 BarteltMaternity_20170115_MPeterson-7 BarteltMaternity_20170115_MPeterson-15 BarteltMaternity_20170115_MPeterson-16 BarteltMaternity_20170115_MPeterson-1720170125_untitled_0001-220170125_untitled_0001-3BarteltMaternity_20170115_MPeterson-10 BarteltMaternity_20170115_MPeterson-26

There is no such thing as an ordinary moment.