Matanuska Glacier, Alaska

“At the very best we only have an inkling of the WONDER of who God is.”

One of the most speechless things I’ve ever done ¬†>>> ¬†Matanuska Glacier, Anchorage, Alaska.

Alaska_20220819_MPeterson-51 Alaska_20220819_MPeterson-55 Alaska_20220819_MPeterson-56 Alaska_20220819_MPeterson-61 Alaska_20220819_MPeterson-65 Alaska_20220819_MPeterson-69 Alaska_20220819_MPeterson-75 Alaska_20220819_MPeterson-83 Alaska_20220819_MPeterson-86 Alaska_20220819_MPeterson-88 Alaska_20220819_MPeterson-99 Alaska_20220819_MPeterson-105 Alaska_20220819_MPeterson-113 Alaska_20220819_MPeterson-123 Alaska_20220819_MPeterson-124 Alaska_20220819_MPeterson-128 Alaska_20220819_MPeterson-129 Alaska_20220819_MPeterson-131 Alaska_20220819_MPeterson-45

\\ Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart. //


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