MALIBU, California

December and then March because surprisingly this little piece of Malibu has my heart.

Malibu_20231212_MPeterson-5 Malibu_20231212_MPeterson-14Malibu_20231212_MPeterson-61 Malibu_20231213_MPeterson-87Malibu_20231213_MPeterson-75 Malibu_20231213_MPeterson-10Malibu_20231213_MPeterson-27 Malibu_20231213_MPeterson-106Malibu_20231213_MPeterson-102 Malibu_20231213_MPeterson-123 Malibu_20231213_MPeterson-115Malibu_20231213_MPeterson-134 Malibu_20240302_MPeterson-11 Malibu_20240301_MPeterson-4 Malibu_20240302_MPeterson-7Malibu_20240301_MPeterson-2 Malibu_20240301_MPeterson-3 Malibu_20240301_MPeterson-1Malibu_20240302_MPeterson-1Malibu_20240302_MPeterson-3

“As you move through this life and the world, you change things slightly…you leave marks behind, however small.¬†And in return, life & travel – leaves marks on you.”


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