Shadley Design

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with Rick Shadley for Shadley Design. Rich has been offering landscape architectural and site planning designs since 1983. His work has been located in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Mexico. He is now offering his outstanding services in SanDiego and Los Angeles. For more information, please visit: SHADLEY DESIGN.

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Marcia Dansky {Sculptor}

Good Morning! Last week, I had an opportunity to follow Marcia Dansky to her work place and photographed her art pieces at an art gallery in Boulder City, Nevada. Most are one-of-a-kind pieces, and once they are gone, they’re gone! It was such a pleasure spending time with Marcia; I love hearing stories and experience the passion and joy from another artist. If you are in Boulder City, Nevada, be sure to stop by the Boulder City Art Gallery & Gift Shop and look for Marcia’s work!

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Sculptor: Marcia Dansky

“Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.”


C H I C A G O {Father’s Day}

On this Father’s Day, we celebrated with a long bike ride along the lake downtown Chicago and enjoyed the magnificent skyline and iconic Buckingham fountain. I also brought out my new toy, the Canon 40mm 2.8 lens and LOVED it! For how small, fast, and affordable the lens is, I’m giving it an A+. It will be my go-to lens for adventures for sure!

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“The greatest gift I ever had came from God; I call him Dad!”