Plungis {Family}

Congratulations to the Plungis Family! Baby Kylie is here and now they are the fabulous FOUR! I did a lifestyle shoot for them where I stopped over their house and took mostly candid photos. The added treat was that they had both grandmas and one great-grandma there too. It was quite a day! Love these guys so much. Appreciate clients that become dear and wonderful friends…

20151007_MP_0205 20151007_MP_0212 20151007_MP_0217 20151007_MP_022620151026_MP_0100 20151007_MP_0387 20151007_MP_0254 20151007_MP_0252 20151007_MP_0759 20151007_MP_027920151007_MP_0285 20151007_MP_0424 20151007_MP_0421 20151007_MP_043420151007_MP_0465 20151007_MP_0468 20151007_MP_047920151026_MP_0100-2
20151007_MP_0534 20151007_MP_0544 20151007_MP_0550

New life is so precious! I’m obsessed with this last shot!


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